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Camera has three megapixel sensor and a new affordable price of £299

11 July 2011, Oxford, UK: Vicon, developer of motion capture products for the life science, engineering and entertainment markets today announced the launch of its new Revue 3MP camera. Based on Microsoft’s SenseCam technology, Revue 3MP now has four times more storage, a three megapixel sensor and a new affordable price of £299.

Vicon signed a license agreement with Microsoft in 2009 to manufacture, develop and sell SenseCam technology as Vicon Revue. Revue is a wearable digital camera that takes photographs automatically, without user intervention. Developed by Microsoft Research Cambridge, the device is most commonly used by medical researchers as an aid for people with memory loss, but has great potential in a number of different application areas, such as market research.

“Since Revue launched in April 2010, we’ve been working hard to streamline our manufacturing process and improve efficiency across the business. These gains mean we can now offer an improved Revue at under £300 – 40% less than the previous version. This is a real step forward to making the benefits of this amazing camera available to everyone.” said Douglas Reinke, CEO and President at Vicon.

The previous VGA sensor has been upgraded to a three megapixel sensor, giving clinicians and researchers much more detailed images. To accommodate this increase in resolution, Revue 3MP now packs 8GB of storage or approximately seven days of photos.

Clinicians and researchers will now get much more detailed photos whilst still being able to store up to 7 days of photos.

Reinke explained, “We’re extremely excited about Revue 3MP. With the increase in resolution and memory and the reduction in price, a wider variety of patients and researchers will be able to take advantage of the benefits Revue brings.”

The new version of Revue will be shipping in August 2011 for £299 +VAT. For more information please visit www.viconrevue.com or email info@viconrevue.com


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